As all of us work to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19 on our community, we at Back Body Mind Chiropractic want you to know that your health and safety are our priority.  One of the changes that we have made to help serve our patients during this difficult time is to start offering telehealth calls.  We have 2 paths for our telehealth calls.

If you are in pain – Whether the pain is acute, chronic or you have a new discomfort due to your recent work from home conditions – we are here to help.  In a telehealth call you can expect a thorough history movement assessments.  After some discussion and assessment Dr. Thomson will then use her knowledge of pain and movement dysfunction to make recommendations based on your individual pain.  Recommendations might include things like individualized stretches or exercises.  Sometimes lifestyle factors are playing a big roll in your pain presentation and recommendations may be made in this area.

If you are an athlete – We want you to return to your sport a better athlete when the stay at home restrictions are lifted.  Dr. Thomson is the one of the only doctors in the country that is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute (golfers), OnBaseU (baseball/softball), RacquetFit (tennis), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (pain with movement), Functional Movement Screen (all athletes) and the Functional Capacity Screen (sports performance).  You don’t have to know what all of these certifications are, but you can be reassured that Dr. Thomson is an expert in the field of movement as it pertains to athletes.  In the office we aren’t currently seeing patients that aren’t in pain.  Luckily, we can still do most of our sports performance assessments and recommendations online.  We can recommend specific exercises and stretches that will help you perform better by increasing efficiency and power.

**IF you are a high school or college senior who is missing your sport and you wish to play at the next level – WE WANT TO HELP YOU!  Dr. Thomson is a former collegiate soccer player and cannot imagine having to miss her senior year due to a pandemic.  Call us or email us and tell us your story.  We will be offering many of our sports specific services for free during this time to students missing out on their senior year.  You can reach us via email at and by phone at 562-907-7700.


Whatever your situation is, we are here to help!  We are all in this together and want to be able to help you get out of this crazy time better than before the pandemic started.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.